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Tamper Evident Security Void stickers

What is the Void security stickers?

The Void security label is a kind of Tamper evident security stickers that used for Warranty sticker, Anti-theft seals and security sealing applications where a plastic seal.

silver Tamper evident security stickers

The VOID label based on VOID warranty material is a kind of self-adhesive anti-counterfeit material with a plastic film. The materials include opening the space to leave the text, leaving the picture and customized content.
Void security stickers can prevent moving, and reuse, Then arrive at the intention of the warranty.

how Void security stickers work?

It can not see the hidden words “VOID” before opened.
Once opened, the hidden text “VOID” would be showing, the label’s surface would be destroyed.
Only one-time use, it can be used to avoid someone tampers with the products.

blue Void open security stickers

Feature of the Void Security Lables

  • The face material can be made into white, matt silver, light silver or other colors.
  • The unbroken substrate and font cannot be recovered.
  • The preset fonts in the substrate can be text, drawings, and other drawings specified by the customer.
  • Prevent non-business people from opening the case privately, the end is not allowed to open the warranty
  • The China Void Labels used to make various sealing labels, tamper-evident labels, warranty labels, etc., in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, shopping malls, etc.,
red customized void sticker

CHINA Warranty void stickers can be used for a multitude of purposes, and come in a variety of types.
For technology, tamper evident security Void labels can provide a level of security against loss, theft or even criminal damage.