Our Labels & Stickers Printing includes:
paper stickers, white vinyl stickers, silver(gold)  stickers, clear(transparent) stickers, Metallic Stickers, gold stickers, silver stickers, bronze stickers, PVC vinyl stickers, safety sticker, dome(3D) stickers, embossed stickers, craft paper stickers, Removable Stickers , die cut sticker printing and so on.

Labels & Stickers Material:
semiglass paper ,bone paper ,craft paper ,fluorescent paper ,
Paper is widely used in custom label , food label , wine label , oil label , toys label , instustry label , barcode label ,warnning label ,etc.
Pearl Cello

Pearl Cello Self Adhesive is a pearleacent material designed to adhere securely to most clothing fabric for temporary adhesive name badges. This label has excellent laser toner anchorage. It is used for high quality labels and premium laser printed name badges. The adhesive is rubber based permanent with excellent adhesion to PP, PE and other low energy surfaces.

Synthetic Paper
PG is widely used in custom label , water label ,  food label , oil label , toys label , instustry label , barcode label ,warnning label and so on.
PVC / Vinyl
High-gloss pvc
Our custom vinyl stickers are made of tough,thick vinyl ,and feature a high-gloss ,weather and UV-resistant coating that protects a full-color high definition print of your artwork ,add a heavy-duty lamination to your sticker to get it a minimum of 3-5 years of outdoor life !

Clear&Transparent pvc

Clear&Transparent vinyl offers a very similar look as die-cut stickers, printed with a clear vinyl background. It is widely used in outdoor label,custom label , water label ,  food label , oil label , toys label , instustry label ,warnning label , car label , outdoor label,etc.

PE & Polyethylene

clear and white PE

PE films are often used in applications such as shampoo and cosmetics containers where squeezability is required. It is widely used in medical label, barcode label, etc.
PET & Polyester
clear ,white , glossy silver/gold , matt silver , silver /gold brush

Polyester (PET) is a tough , high performance film that provides excellent outdoor durability ,chemical and heat resistance . It displays excellent dimensional stability and high tensile strength . Operating temperature is 325° F (163° C) and shot-term temperature can be up to 400° F (204° C). It is widely custom label , instustry label , barcode label ,warnning label ,etc.
red , green , silver , clear , white …… 
It is used in  instustry label , barcode label ,warnning label, shipping label,etc.
Backing paper
White , glassine(it is used in machine apply.)
Permanent ,removable
Labels & Stickers Finishing:
Gold, Silver, Bronze, White, Black, Hologram, Red, Pink, Blue Green and more
Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination , UV Varnish, Hot-stamp printing , Serial numbering, Barcode,QR code, Flat handle, Machine Roll & Sheet, Perforation
Custom Printing Jobs:
Die-cutting , Round Cornering , Hole Punching.

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