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Adhesive Barcode Stickers& Labels

What are barcode labels?

Barcode Labels are from barcode printer printing the barcode date on labels or stickers. A barcode is a set of parallel lines atop a series of numbers, letters, and/or characters. It stores information in a form of visual data. Machines then decipher the data and use it to complete a task, like a track or catalog an item. Different types of barcodes have emerged for a variety of niche uses.

Types of Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels have a wide variety of Economy Barcode Labels, Laminated Barcode Labels, Metal Barcode Labels, Tamperproof Barcode Labels, Tiny Barcodes, Removable Barcode Labels, Preprinted Barcode Labels(Paper Labels on a Roll, Plastic Labels on a Roll, Inventory Barcodes, Stock Barcode Labels), Security Barcode Labels.

How to print barcode labels?

Several websites translate product codes that you enter into a variety of barcode images. Free barcode generator websites are a handy way to create barcode images, but you still have to download and print with barcode printer in yourself.

Where to buy CUSTOM barcode labels?

CHINA STICKERS MANUFACTURER aim to accommodate our customers. Our mission is to assist you in finding the best possible solution for your labeling needs.

  • Printing custom barcode labels in your office.
  • Stock Barcode Labels are smudge-proof as well as water and oil resistant
  • All temperature, strong permanent adhesive is excellent
    for all general purpose labeling applications
  • Direct Thermal
  • Permanent-Adhesive

China Barcode Labels or Stickers are those with adhesive on the back so that you can affix them to your assets, inventory, or anything else that you need to keep track of. Contact us if you need help finding the right Labels for you.