Custom-food-packaging Labels

Custom Food Labels

What are food labels?

Custom Food labels tell you information about serving size, the number of calories, grams of fat, included nutrients, and a list of ingredients.

Why food labels are important?

Adhesive Food Stickers are an essential tool for a product. They represent the professionalism of a brand.
Food stickers information helps people restrict their intake of fat, sodium, sugar, or other ingredients, or those individuals who are trying to get enough of the healthy nutrients. Use adhesive food labels can help you choose healthier foods.

Feature of our customized food label

  • We provide many kinds of custom food Labels, including ingredient labels,Jar Labels,Yogurt Labels,Dairy Labels,Jelly Labels,Peanut Butter Labels,Maple Syrup Labels,Chocolate Labels,Deli labels,Pickel Labels,Pie Labels,Cupcake Labels, Bakery Labels, Cake Labels, Candy Labels, Cheese Labels, Coffee Labels, Egg Carton Labels, Honey Labels, Sugar Labels,etc.
  • Our labels can withstand moisture and dampness from refrigeration, so you can be confident your labels will last even on perishable goods.
  • Our food label rolls are a convenient way to label your products. Be it on a glass jar, bottle, or plastic pouch, the self-adhesive back will provide easy application either by hand or dispenser.
  • Since adhesive custom food labels can be for fruits, vegetables, sauces, snacks, condiments, seasonings, tamper evident seal and much more, they must be versatile enough to withstand certain environmental conditions.
  • We understand which methods are best for making food product labels that can stand up to environmental factors

Where to buy custom food stickers?

China Stickers manufacturer supply many kinds of adhesive custom food Labels that we haven’t included here, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you don’t find your food product on the list.