Nickel sticker

  • The nickel logo sticker  helps you to make the product more beautiful and improve the product grade.
  • Durable, Resistant to scratches , Impeccable finish.
  • The color is electroplated.
  •  Accepet custom color(The normal color of metal logo tag is gold and silver)
  • The adhesive of metal logo sticker is much strong 3M glue, and easy to use and uneasy to be removed.
  • Standard thicknesses of Nickel labels is 60-80 micron.
  • Die cutting utilizes economical steel rule dies that can be accurate to +/-5 micron. In-house lasers can be used (without tooling) for prototype or intricate cutting.
  • Surface finishing Glossy, Matte, Brushed, And it can be different finish on a same metal plate. Nickel Stickers are used in variety of industries like Weighing scale, Appliances, Instrumentation ,Medical Field, Computers.
  • Simple production process as well as reasonable price; Short leading time in our China factory.

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